Why PewDiePie posting fun video on T-Series?

Why PewDiePie posting fun video on T-Series?

PewDiePie is a Swedish gamer and video-maker YouTube channel and recently they lost his crown as the YouTuber start with the most subscribers in the past. They have posted a video on PewDiePie about this and poking fun.

But according to the T-Series owner, he did not view his company channel as being in competition with PewDiePie. So, why PewDiePie posting these types of videos? the answer is very clear in this way more people will hit to PewDiePie and they will get more users, ads and more. It seems like PewDiePie just want more people interaction to their channel because T-Series never posted any video or comments on this.

As people know PewDiePie is a good YouTube channel, I hope they will post more video on gaming instead of the tangle with other channels for the publicity.


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