How To Enjoy Goa Beyond The Beaches

How To Enjoy Goa Beyond The Beaches

When tourists consider top things to do in Goa, that's mean they are thinking about undoubtedly picture white slippery sand, cashew fenny and crispy prawns by the beach.

Which makes sense, as the Indian state’s 63-mile coastline — hemming in the west of the country — is rich with 54 beaches.

These Goa beaches are serve as hubs for tourists — both local and foreigner — with an entire industry of hotels, water sports, shacks, restaurants and bars, all crammed in and around the bustling towns that hug the sandy shores.

There is so much more to do on a Goa trip beyond visiting the beach.

Let us show you the other side of the what to do in Goa.

1. See A Tiatr
Tiatr’s — or dramas — are Konkani plays filled with music, dance, comedy and political satire.

They are an foundational part of the Goan fabric. Honestly, you won’t truly experience Goa unless you watch onec.

With a live band and air-conditioned auditoriums, you’ll still enjoy the music and dancing even if you don’t understand the show.

If you want's enjoy Tiate then please visit the theater in advance to book your seat.

2. Visit The Body Of St. Francis Xavier
Considered the patron saint of Goa, St. Francis Xavier’s mortal remains are still preserved at the beautiful baroque Basilica of Bom Jesus, so if you are going to Goa trip then must-visit.

This rustic church has been marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Considered incorruptible, St. Francis Xavier’s body has been encased in a glass container and a silver casket.

Note : You can prepare by bringing water and dressing modestly. It would be sad to wait to get in just to be turned away because your shoulders and knees are showing.

3. Enjoy Trekking On Beautiful Goa Waterfalls
There are ten Goa waterfalls in total, of which Hivre and Sada are great for trekking, especially for hardcore adventure enthusiasts.

At 1,017 feet, the Dudh Sagar Waterfall is Goa’s most famous and the fifth highest waterfall in India.

It is perched atop the Mandovi river, located on the Madgaon Belavi road.

4. Go On Wildlife Sanctuary Expeditions
There are 7 wildlife sanctuaries in Goa, though the most popular are Cotigao, Mhadei,Bondla and Netraveli as they feature numerous events.
These are eco-lodges built with conversation in mind, crafted from local materials in a way that blends into the surrounding landscape.
Number of Goa’s sanctuaries open early and have tropical evergreen forests on display. Amazon guides accompany groups on Indian safaris and camping trips.
So, what can you place on an Indian safari in Goa, exactly?

If you’re lucky, sightings might include leopards, Bengal tigers,panthers, macaque monkeys and a variety of birds, making this a must for nature enthusiasts.


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